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    Multi-sectoral Development Programme (MsDP)  

Who are the Minority Communities?

Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists and Zoroastrians (Parsis) have been notified as minority communities under Section 2 (C) of the National Commission for Minorities Act 1992. As per Census 2001, the percentage of minorities in the country is about 18.4% of the total population of the country, of which Muslims are 13.4%; Christians 2.3%; Sikhs1.9% Buddhists 0.8% and Parsis 0.007%. In Manipur, Christians are 34% and Muslims constitute 8.32% of the State’s population as per 2001 Census.

Minority Concentration Districts (MCDs):

90 Minority Concentration Districts (MCDs) have been identified by the Govt of India which are relatively backward and falling behind the national average in terms of socio-economic and basic amenities indicators. The religion-specific socio-economic indicators are literacy rate; female literacy rate; work participation rate; and female work participation rate. The basic amenities indicators are percentage of households with pucca walls; safe drinking water; electricity and water closet latrines. These 90 districts have a substantial minority population and are backward, with unacceptably low levels of socio-economic or basic amenities indicators, requiring focused attention and specific programme intervention.
There are 3 processes for identification of minority concentration districts. Firstly, districts with a substantial minority population of at least 25% of the total population. Secondly, districts having a large absolute minority population exceeding 5 lakhs and the percentage of minority population exceeding 20% but less than 25%. Thirdly, in the states where a minority community is in majority, districts having 15% of minority population other than that of the minority community in majority in that state.
Manipur has 6 Districts included in the list of 90 MCDs. They are Churachandpur, Tamenglong, Senapati, Ukhrul, Chandel and Thoubal.

Objectives of MsDP:

The MsDP is implemented in all MCDs in the country including the 6 MCDs in Manipur. The objective of the programme is to improve the socio-economic parameters of basic amenities for improving the quality of life of the people and reducing imbalances in the MCDs during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period. Identified development deficits are made through a district specific plan for provision of better infrastructure for school and secondary education, sanitation, pucca housing, drinking water and electricity supply, besides beneficiary oriented schemes for creating income generating activities. Absolutely critical infrastructure linkages like connecting roads, basic health infrastructure, ICDS centres, skill development and marketing facilities required for improving living conditions and income generating activities and catalyzing the growth process are also eligible for inclusion in the plan.     
This initiative is a joint effort of the Centre and the States for inclusive growth, and to accelerate development process and improve the quality of life of the people. The scheme aims at focused development programmes for backward minority concentration districts to help reduce imbalances and speed up development.

 Thrust of MsDP:

The thrust of the programme is to address the development deficits brought out by a baseline survey to improve the socio-economic parameters and the basic amenities parameters of the district as a whole so as to bring them at par with the national average. Critical infrastructure linkages that are required for optimizing service, economic opportunities and can act as a catalyst could also be taken up under this programme. It is also to be prepared in such a manner that these districts are saturated with schemes included in the PM’s New 15 Point Programme for the Welfare of Minorities within the Eleventh Plan period.

Baseline Survey:

MsDP Plan is prepared based on the baseline survey of the district carried out under the aegis of the Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) New Delhi or any suitable professional agency. The OKD Institute of Social Change & Development, Guwahati, was assigned by ICSSR for Manipur which carried out the baseline survey for the State.

Preparation of MsDP Plan:

The District Planning Committee/District LevelCommittee for implementation of the PM’s New 15Point Programme prepares MsDP Plan. This Plan is to have a district profile. It shall bring out the development deficits identified by the survey, indicate the strategy for addressing the deficits, propose projects/work to fill the development deficits either by topping up the funds of ongoing schemes/programmes of the Central Govt or propose projects which are not catered to by existing schemes/programmes of the Central and State Govts.
The committee shall ensure that the projects included in the plan have not been sanctioned or proposed under any other scheme of the State/Central Govt or any other source of funding. It shall ensure that there is no duplication with other public-funded schemes with similar objectives being implemented in the targeted districts. It should also be ensured that the plan is in consonance with the annual plans and Eleventh FYP.
The plan shall contain concept papers on each of the prioritized projects accompanied by a socio-economic feasibility report.

Detailed Project Reports (DPRs):

Each project proposal should be accompanied by a DPR. It shall be prepared by the line department concerned of the State or through the agency which will be executing the project. The DPR should, inter alia, include the basic information and must establish its economic and technical viability. It should have project implementation schedule, certification that the cost estimates are as approved by the competent authorities of the State and that the costs are based on the latest Schedules of rates in force in the State, intended economic/social benefit and target beneficiaries etc.   

Principles for formulation of MsDP Plan:

  1. Plan shall be based on baseline survey.
  2. Plan should contain projects prioritized with inter-se priorities among targeted sectors namely primary/secondary education, drinking water supply, electricity, health, sanitation, housing and income generating activities.
  3. It should be ensured that there is no duplication with other schemes with similar objectives.
  4. All projects are to be completed within the Eleventh Plan period.
  5. Peoples’ participation and involvement of NGOs, SHGs are to be ensured at every stage.
  6. It shall be implemented through the State/Central agencies.
  7. Creation of new posts under this scheme is prohibited.

State Level Committee and functions:

The State Level Committee constituted for implementation of the PM’s New 15 Point Programme for the Welfare of Minorities headed by the Chief Secretary serves as the SLC for oversight of the implementation of MsDP in the State. It considers and recommends the MsDP Plan of the districts to the Ministry through the state department dealing with minority affairs.

District Planning Committee/District Level Committee for Prime Minister’s New 15 Point Programme and functions .

1.The D Level Committee for implementation  of the Prime Minister’s New 15 Point Programme  for the Welfare of Minorities shall have the proposal prepared by the line departments/agencies in the district. The District Planning Committee (DPCs), wherever constituted , will consolidate the proposals made by the line departments/agencies through the District Level Committee for implementation of the Prime Minister’s New 15 Point Programme  for the Welfare of Minorities. The State Level Committee for 15 Point Programme  shall consider the district plan and recommend it to the Ministry of Minority Affairs. The representative of the regional research institute affiliated to the Indian Council of Social Science Research(ICSSR) or professional agency like a university which has prepared  the baseline survey report may also be associated in the preparation of the plan.


  1. It is to be completed during the Eleventh Plan period.
  2. The State Minority Department shall monitor preparation of the Plans and DPRs. It shall forward projects and clarifications made by the line departments/agencies, ensure proper implementation of the sanctioned projects, monitor each individual project, report the progress of implementation of projects and the district plan to the SLC etc.
  3. The programme will be implemented by the PRIs/line departments/agencies/Scheduled Area councils in accordance with the implementation mechanism in practice in the State.   

Monitoring, Reporting & Evaluation:

  1. The State Govt shall report the progress in respect of each project at the end of the quarter in the prescribed proforma and on-line when the IT enabled systems are in place. Any additional information may be furnished along with the format.
  2. The implementing agencies/districts will submit Utilization Certificates for funds released and utilized in the prescribed proforma to the State Govt, and State Govt in turn will submit the same to the Govt of India. Release of further installments will be made by the Govt of India only after receipt of UCs and QPRs and other mandatory documents.
  3. Photographs of the ongoing works are to be submitted regularly, and photographs of completed works are mandatory for requesting release of subsequent installments of funds from the Ministry.
  4. The Ministry shall nominate one representative to the quarterly review meeting at the state level.
  5. State will carry out project inspection periodically.
  6. State shall nominate a nodal officer for each project of the line department concerned.
  7. Monitoring and evaluation of implementation of the project shall also be undertaken through field inspections by officers of the Ministry.
  8. An independent in-depth evaluation would be made after two years to assess the need for any mid-term correction.

Transparency and Publicity of Information:

  1. All sanctioned schemes/projects shall be given wide publicity in local media and placed in the web–site concerned.
  2. Immediately after project approval is received, the State Govt shall display at project site a board indicating the date of sanction of the project, likely date of completion, estimated cost of the project, source of funding, contractor’s name and the physical target. After completion of projects, a permanent display shall be put up.
  3. State Govt shall disseminate information through media – print/electronic, and shall place it in their existing websites. The official website of MOBC is

Schemes under MsDP in Manipur:

  1. Indira Awas Yojana (IAY)
  2. Construction of Labour Rooms attached to HSCs/PHSCs
  3. Construction of Primary School buildings
  4. Construction of Junior High School buildings
  5. Construction of Drinking Water Supply schemes
  6. Construction of Hostels for Girls in High/Secondary Schools
  7. Construction of Hostels for Boys in High/Secondary Schools
  8. Construction of ITI
  9. Construction of Girls’ Hostel in ITI
  10. Construction of Staff Quarters in ITI
  11. Construction of Angangwadi Centres
  12. IWDP in Ukhrul District

Implementation by ZPs/ADCs:

Earlier, MsDP was implemented by the DCs through the DRDAs. The entire MsDP has now been devolved to the District Councils/Zilla Parishads. They are now implemented by the EDs through the DRDAs. The MOBC is the nodal Department at the State level.

Financial Progress of the Scheme:

1. Total Allocation Rs. 139.10 crores (tentative)
2. Approved Allocation    : Rs. 135.91 crores
Amount sanctioned by the Ministry and received by the State Government  
i. 2008-2009       - Rs. 30.11 crores
ii.  2009-2010            - Rs. 45.05 crores
iii. 2009-2010            - Rs. 14.72 crores
iv. 2010-2011            - Rs.   3.60 crores
      Total                          - Rs. 93.48 crores
4. Amount sanctioned by the Ministry and FD’s authorization awaited. : i)   2010-2011 - Rs. 0.1125 crores
5. Total received from the Ministry (3 + 4)         : - Rs 93.5925 crores
6. Amount released to Districts/Agencies           :
i. 2008-2009       -           Rs. 28.98 crores.
ii. 2009-2010       - Rs. 37.95 crores.
iii. 2010-2011       - Rs. 14.72 crores.
iv. 2010-2011            - Rs.   4.82 crores.
v. 2010-2011            - Rs.   3.60 crores.
vi. 2010-2011            - Rs.   4.00 crores.(SS)
Total                          - Rs. 94.07 crores.
7. Amount retained by State FD :
i. 2008-2009          - Rs. 1.13 crores. (VAT)
ii.  2009-2010           - Rs. 2.29 crores. (VAT)
Total                          - Rs. 3.42 crores.
8. State Matching Share sanctioned & released  :
i. 2009-2010 - Rs.  2.00 crores.(VAT)
ii. 2010-2011  - Rs.  4.00 crores.
9. Balance SS required : - Rs.  5.378 crores.

Physical Progress of the Scheme:

Works taken up for funds released in 2008-09 by the Ministry have been completed and UCs have been submitted to the Ministry. Funds released by the Ministry during 2009-10 could be released by FD only in 2010-11. They have been released now along with funds released in 2010-11 by the Ministry. The DRDAs/EDs are presently in the process of implementation of the schemes. They are yet to submit the QPRs ending March 2011. UCs are yet to be submitted by all DRDAs.

Minority Concentration Districts of Manipur (MCDs) 

State Sl.No Districts % of Minority Pop. Basic Amenities Socio-Economic Alloted Fund
(Rs.) Crores
Manipur 1 Thoubal 25.3




2 Senapati 79.74


Above n.a


3 Tamenglong 96.23


Above n.a


4 Churachandpur 94.75


Above n.a


5 Ukhrul 95.91


Above n.a


6 Chandel 94.34


Above n.a




INDIA 41.7 45.8  

Minutes of 136th meeting of the Empowered Committee on MsDP held on 28.11.2017-corregendum.
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MsDP Fund position for 6(Six) Manipur MCDs.
1. Thoubal  
2. Senapati  
3. Chandel  
4. Ukhrul  
5. Churachandpur  
6. Tamenglong  
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